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Steering Committee

The Driving Force Behind the Regatta...

The 2014 St.Maarten Heineken Regatta Steering Committee has become, over the years, a well oiled machine that is powered by a hard working and dedicated group of people.

Consisting mainly out of volunteers, this group of individuals commit themselves to working year round on this one of a kind event.  The Director's Office oversees all members of the Steering Committee and their tasks and meets with them regularly to keep the event on track.










John Gifford

Chairman Of the Steering Committee







Michele Korteweg                                                   

Regatta Director        



John Leone

Commercial Director ILTT



Nila Rambhajan

Heineken Marketing Manager



Martine Burger

Regatta Coordinator Heineken


Lisa Noel

Tourism Office - Product Development Assistant










Rien Korteknie

Chairman Race Committee










Willem Dekker

Chairman of Operations










Hendrickje Stoffels

Chairwoman of Volunteer care










Martine Vos

Press Coordinator