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Here we give you detailed information on what to do when you arrive by boat or by plane. Please be sure to check if, and which Visa is needed. For instance, it is not possible to enter through the Dutch bridge with a Schengen visa.

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba are checking every dinghy on the following items on board:
You need to have on board:

  • an anchor
  • light
  • lifejackets
  • the driver need to show a copy of the Captain licence.

Please make sure you comply with these rules while you are a vistor to our shores, this is for your safety as well as the safety of other on the water.

In case of arrival by boat

The Regatta Organization is pleased to announce that the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority has advised that:

It will be NOT necessary to clear out of Simpson Bay when going to Marigot unless the vessel is not returning to Simpson Bay.

Regatta Participants will not be charged a second week of mooring fees as a result of their interrupting their stay in the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority Waters.

The Regatta Organization still wishes to make the participants aware of the fact that on regular scheduled openings, the Simpson Bay Bridge has a limited duration of opening and when this period is exceeded then the bridge wil not open again for a scheduled opening. There are of course extra openings scheduled during the regatta weekend, but these are limited. Extra opening hours are mention on this page as well under Bridge Opening Hours.

You are requested to check in with the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority office situated in the Police Station just west of the bridge in order to pay the indebted and harbour fees based on the Bridge Ordinance (AB 1994 no.4) and the Harbour Fees Ordinance (AB 1984 no. 5)

You need to bring the following documents:

  • The vessel registry documents
  • Passports of the crew & guests
  • The Immigration clearance documents
  • The Customs clearance documents
  • The vessels insurance documents
  • The last payment invoice of bridge, Harbor and Clearance fees if available
  • The Clearance documents of your last Port of Departure

Other than in case of an emergency duplicates/copies will not be accepted. When a crewmember had to leave for emergency reasons, a copy of the return ticket and passport needs to be handed in. Depending on country of Residence the duration of stay is limited. The maximum stay is 3 months. When you enter St.Maarten at Philipsburg, Great Bay you can to go to the Sint Maarten Port Authority in Point Blanche for your convenience.

In case of arrival by plane

You need to fill out an immigration form handed to you on the plane. On that immigration form you must indicate your local address. Please make sure that you have a return ticket or a ticket to another foreign destination.

Weekly harbor fees, Customs and Harbor clearnance information

For the information please check

Bridge fee

For the Bridge fee amounts please check and click on fees and info.

For Bridge times click here

VHF radio channels

Bridge tender & Coast guard listen to VHF channel 12.

If you need any additional information about immigration requirements, please call the Immigration Department in St. Maarten. They can be reached through the central Police Department operator at (+599) 542-2222. You can also contact the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority: (+599) 545-3183.

Download the Information Sheet from SLAC here

Marigot Harbour Rules

Anchoring in Marigot Bay

To Anchor in Marigot Bay the vessels have to follow these instructions:

  • Yachts have to display a black ball during the day and a white light at night;
  • Vessels must respect distance between vessels to avoid collision;
  • The authorities do not allow dinghy's on the enclosed Ferry Port.