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Welcome to Saint-Martin, the Friendly Island by excellence !

Being one of the leading destinations in the Caribbean, the island of Saint Martin has what to suit all tastes. But what is this success due to? Some will mention the 37 beautiful white sand beaches, others will refer to the island’s highly renown gastronomy, not forgetting those who will mention the festivities, the carnivals, the nightlife and the cultural events that take place all year long.
Nature lovers will tell you about the National Natural Reserve, the Loterie Farm and the numerous ecotourism friendly excursions.
At last, shopping addicts will not be let down as Saint-Martin is a duty free destination, visitors will benefit from  the best prices on many items ranging from perfumes to jewelry, clothing to electronics.
Unanimously, visitors will talk about the unity they felt amongst the 110 different nationalities living there, the population is naturally warm and welcoming.

Whatever may attract you, whatever your choices may be, chances are you will find exactly what you need in Saint Martin and even more. The Friendly Island awaits!


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