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Chippie is the official telecommunication provider for the St Maarten Heineken Regatta. Chippie is the cellular brand of United Telecommunication Services (UTS), the leading telecommunication provider in the Netherlands Antilles. We offer a broad variety of mobile and fixed services and Chippie is the only oporator that has full coverage on St Maarten, both Dutch and French side! And with Chippie you never pay roaming costs when you are on the Chippie network. This is called Chippieland. Chippie has coverage on most of the surrounding islands, so when sailing from St Maarten to Saba for instance, you will stay connected the entire trip! Chippieland consists of St.Maarten, St.Martin, Saba, St.Eustatius, Curacao, Bonaire and Suriname.

If you choose to roam on St Maarten, selecting Chippie/UTS is a smart choice. With rates up to 60% cheaper than other local networks, we provide reliable and affordable connection with every call. But roaming is still expensive with rates for calling back home up to $ 4.00 per minute, depending on your local provider and the network you choose on St Maarten. Rates for receiving a call range up to $ 2.50 per minute.

By opting to buy a local Chippie SIM card at just $16.76 (including $11 credit) and a phone starting as low as $29.99 we offer the following rates to you during your stay:

 Local Call
 Local SMS

 $0.25 per minute
 $0.14 per message


 $0.32 per minute

 Puerto Rico

 $0.42 per minute


 $0.58 per minute

 Western Europe

 $0.61 per minute

 Guadeloupe / Martinique

 $0.47 per minute

 The Netherlands (Fixed numbers)

 $0.49 per minute

 The Netherlands (Mobiles)

 $0.66 per minute

 Receiving calls


We are conveniently located in 2 locations on St Maarten
UTS Philipsburg
Codvile Webster rd #2
Philipsburg, St. Maarten
Tel: +1(721) 5420101
Fax: +1(721) 5424922
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 07:30AM – 4:00PM

UTS Cole Bay
Paradise Plaza Mall
Cole Bay
Tel: +1(721) 5442603
Fax: +1(721) 5442644
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 07:30AM – 4:00PM

Chippie has one convenient store on St.Martin
24 rue de la Republique
97150, St. Martin, FWI

Phone: +(590) 0590 524433
Fax: +(590) 0590-510661

It’s Chippie time, all the time.


CaribServe.Net, the communications partner of the St.Maarten Heineken Regatta has launched out WiFi HotSpot/HotZone services that will enable regatta visitors to our island to gain access to the internet via their laptop with a WiFi card, or using our fast WiMAX service. WiMAX connections from Caribserve provide very fast, reliable Internet access solutions for your computer anywhere on St Maarten, your home, small or medium businesses. This package is proposed with 2 different options (WiMAX USB Stick, WiMAX Modem). The system is self-managed, meaning that the customer selects the time they wish to purchase a subscription for and can thereafter complete the purchase online via credit card. HotSpots that are currently online are Great Bay Promenade (Philipsburg), Doc Maarten Marina (Philipsburg), Yacht Club Isle de Sol Marina (Simpsonbay), Yacht Club Port de Plaisance (Simpsonbay) and La Samana Hotel (French Low Lands).

More information can be found at or call CaribServe.NET at +1(721)542-4233.