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What Happens at Registration?


Registration is where the Race Committee checks that your boat & crew has been correctly entered, the boat's CSA Certificate is up to date, entry fees are paid (or confirmed as paid) & you can collect all the information that you need to participate in the Regatta.

At the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta registration is located at the St Maarten Yacht Club. Here's what you need to do...

Preliminary Step for those that do not have sail numbers - ie: you have chartered a bareboat or are on a cruising boat....

- go to the Bow Numbers Desk. In exchange for a deposit of $100 or €100 you will receive 4 Bow Numbers to enable to Race Committee to identify your boat whilst racing. The deposit will be returned to you when you return the Bow Numbers at the end of the regatta.

Preliminary Step for those racing in Multihulls or the Lottery Class (formerly the Open Class) who do not need a CSA Certificate or for those that do not have current 2014 CSA Certificates....

- see a Measurer in their office located in the container next to the Registration container.

Step 1 for all entrants

Go to Window 1 of the container. Here your online entry will be checked, any changes/additions made. You will need to provide a phone number. This is so you can be contacted by our Press/Media people when you have won a race (or if the Protest Desk needs to contact you). You do not need to bring your CSA Certificate - this is all on the CSA database.

If you have not yet paid your entry fee you will be given 2 copies of your entry showing your boat name, entrant, sail/bow number, class & the amount due. Proceed to Window 2 to pay & then to Window 3.

If you have paid your entry fee you will be given 1 copy of your entry showing your boat name, entrant, sail/bow number, class. Proceed to Window 3.

Step 2 for all entrants

Go to Window 3 where you will receive your Skipper's Pack containing Sailing Instructions, class flag & additional information, water taxi passes for you & your crew, a ticket for your goody bag. is your responsibility to check the Official Notice Board at each venue to see if there are any amendments to the Sailing Instructions!

Step 3 for all entrants

Go to the Info Booth to hand over the ticket in exchange for your goody bag. That's it!

The Info Booth is conveniently located next to the Yacht Club Bar....