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Sol Water Taxi Service

Sol Water Taxi Service

Our loyal sponsor, The Sol Group, again makes the availability of our water taxi service possible for all participants of the 35th St. Maarten Heineken Regatta.

In order to ensure that all participants are ferried to and from their boats in a timely and comfortable fashion, the Sint Maarten Yacht Club invested in boats over the last few years in order to further improve the service this year.

The Water Taxi Pass for each crewmember racing in the Regatta is included in the entry fee and is valid for unlimited use during the official opening hours (soon to come!). 

There will be a limited water taxi service in the lagoon, only between participating boats and the Sint Maarten Yacht Club on the days that the water taxi service is located in Simpson Bay.

Simply hoist the Blue & Orange Sol flag during the day or use the glow stick during evening hours (provided by us at registration) when you want to go ashore and one of our comfortable Water Taxi dinghies will come and pick you up.

Three zones, named A, B and C, have been defined for anchorage. The Sol Water Taxi Service will only operate between these zones and a dedicated dock. You will find the area your boat has been assigned to in the last minute information handed out at registration.

When it is time to board your boat, especially early in the morning when you are in a rush and bringing in the supplies for the day such as lunch, water and of course the most important of them all sun tan lotion, go to the Sol Water Taxi Service Dock.

It is important for you to remember in which zone you are anchored. Remembering other characteristics like the name of your boat, your bow number, etc. will be of great help to the drivers to locate your boat.The people in the Orange Sol Shirts will do their utmost to take you to and from your boat, before and after a great day’s racing and partying.

At rush hour, please stay calm and have confidence in your water taxi drivers. Please realize that they are not allowed to have the Heinekens you had. They do their best to get you ashore or to your yacht.

After official opening hours at night and on Monday morning the 9th of March, a limited number of water taxis may run as part of a private enterprise. The cost thereof is not included in the Water Taxi Pass. The Regatta Organization does not accept any responsibility for any form of water taxi service rendered outside the scheduled times as mentioned above.